My render series to celebrate Halloween

Hello Everyone, I’m new here and this is my render series to celebrate halloween. Hope you like it :yes:

I made everything in blender and add finish touchs in photoshop.

I’m also lauching my personal website:
It’s very simple yet, but will be upgraded soon.

I’m a begginer, so your opinion is very important to me. Feel free to share you thoughts. :yes:

Happy Halloween!

*Sorry for any english typos =P

And here is the last part:

For the sake of time I used this incredible flowers made by the gifted artist Mixxiie (

I learned to make this Pumpkin with this incredible tutorial (

There is something wrong at the botton of the backgroud image in the last image, but i didn’t notice until the image was finished. The monitor used during the production was a little too dark and lacking in resolution.