My renderer

yay! Got bored when it was late again and I was tired. Got up out of bed and found I had written a rendering engine :smiley: heh. Yeah, I got bored at night and wrote a renderer, which I find somewhat funny as I can barely talk when I’m tired hah :). Anyway it’s nothing too amazing yet, but I’m working on it, and I thought I’d show you my progress so far. I’ve been too lazy to code in the ability to render the edges on the z axis (x and y are up and sideways, z is forward and backwards, like a graph), but it’s still pretty cool in my opinion for a cheap renderer :). The animation is low fps because I haven’t automated it yet and I don’t want to render seperate frames for three million frames. I used blender to put the images together… so this is kind of on topic off topic.

without further ado:

and the animation:

That’s pretty cool man, good for one night of screwing around while tired! Will you release the source?

idk, maybe. I’m a bit skeptical of releasing my code to the public. But there may be an “official release” someday. I should write the code for z-axis now. It’s all C btw, with only the stdio.h library. Thanks for your post :). Once I get the Z axis edges down I’ll work on shading and raytracing :).

edit: Oh yeah, and I plan to write a blender exporter eventually so it could be neat. :slight_smile:
edit2: and the verts are red instead of blue pixels if you zoom in so you know :slight_smile:
edit3: would it be odd setting up a wip thread for it? :stuck_out_tongue:

Plans sound cool! Definitely set up a WIP, I would love to see this project come along.

cool thanks, but do I put it in the normal wip section? It seems off-topic and on-topic at the same time so I’m slightly confused :).
edit: ha wait, it says all my works in progress :), I’ll make it the admins can move it if I put it in the wrong place
edit the sequel: ok wip is up

are these easy to write?
because i see a new one too often… it must be a peace of cake… i can’t even remember the ones i know (commercial, opensource and personal)…

i would like to study the source code and see how it is done too…


it was relatively easy once I figured it out. We’ll see how it goes, I may release source code later. Thanks for the post, check out the wip I’ll try to have an update shortly, could be 10 minutes, an hour, a day. Who knows, depends when I get seriousness on it and figure out what I’m going to do :), but yeah it has perspective and everything so I’m kind of happy with it.