My renders went from brightly colored to more dull colored

Hi guys,

I started using blender a month ago and I am loving it. I am working with one of my files, took out a render which looked like the one below:

I went ahead and made some more changes to my model (added trees, moved stuff etc.). I also started making some changes to the render settings and camera as well learning things from Youtube and stuff. However, now when I render, I have lost the brighter bluish tint :(:

Specifically notice the greenish reflection of windows in the earlier render, it is now gone :(.

I know this is potentially asking a lot (without you knowing what I could have potentially changes), but could you think of a setting by changing which I can get back the brighter bluish tint render?

Thank you for any of your comments and feedback.

Well, you didn’t even tell us what render engine this is… Cycles?
Did you mess with the environment?

Any chance you enabled filmic? That can crush a lot of highlights and change the feel of the shading.

My apologies. Yes I am using cycles, I know that my intensity values and environment is the same as it was for both the models.