My retopo mesh sculpted with muitires works fine in sculpt mode but disappears in object mode

Help me out pls

I have finished sculpting a character in sculpt mode in blender version 2.78 but it’s well in sculpt mode but when I return to object mode it shows only point . The sculpt is a re topology from a model which was highly dense so I re topologies it & started sculpting with the new re topologies object using multiresolution modifier. My problem is that each time I sculpt it okay in sculpt mode , it’s also okay in edit mode with the base mesh from the re topology but it disappears when am in object mode . What the solution .

Delete most of the mesh, if you don’t want to upload the whole model. Upload a blend file to and post the link to it.

The blend file is up to 2.38gb can i still be able to upload it cos the link u sent me shows the file wont be more than 30mb . Pls how do i upload it to u to assist me in getting the model done cos i have spent time on it .

Delete every object but the problematic one, delete any pictures and delete vertices until the file is under 30MB.

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Try alt+h in object mode, if it doesn’t help then we need the .blend

No screenshots, no existence of the problem.

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Same here I am also facing the same

It doesn’t help saying you have the same problem. Did you tried the suggestion above? we need a blend or screenshot of outliner in the collection view.

How do I send the blend file it’s up to 1.2gb after I deleted other things in the project .