my return

About 3 months ago, i decided something. i was heading along quite nicely with blender, really getting into the swing of things. i had chosen my career path, and was planning on doing a visual communications course at the local polytech, majoring in 3d modelling and animation. then i realised something. these guys wont be using blender! so i found out they used maya and lightwave, and started to teach myself maya. if i was going to make it in the world, it would not be with blender. it would be with these large corporations’s programmes that were the industry standard. so i pissed around for months learning maya, and discovered the modeller sucked. it did not give me the speed i wanted, and my beloved subsurf feature was hidden, and a pain in the arse to use. so i switched to wings3d. closed shape modelling? no thanks.

i was glum.

i saw this.

then i thought to myself;

" i can do that. not with wings, and not with maya. back in the day, i could have done that with blender. "

then i realised, i had no good reason not to be using blender. it’d be fantastically easy to model in blender then export to maya, where i can animate and texture and what have you.

forgive me blenderheads, for i have sinned. i turned my back on the best 3d app in the world. i was wrong. please take me back.

i missed you all.

GFX Idiot, GX Monkey and Shapeshift has returned. he’s going back to his roots.

i bring you


I was wondering where you went. I was beginning to think you might have gotten hit by a piece of broken flying drumstick and were bedridden in hospital. Good to see you back. BTW, most of us will forgive you for your indiscretions.

Dude where you been for so long? Despite that, am I glad to hear from you again too, been too long mate. Got stuck in a Maya bubble heh! Glad you’ve seen the error of your ways man.

You are quite right, you could easily do those warhammer characters in Blender, check out 2.32 man, it’lll blow you away. It nearly rivals Max for mesh tools now.

Traitor my arse, you came back, right. :smiley:

Welcome back dude, looking forward to seeing your latest work, both Maya and Blender.


Hey brotha! It’s great to have you back!
Man! If you can do one of those you’re my hero!
There’s got to be at least a couple hundredthousand polys in each one!
If you have a machine that can handle the processing though, there’s no reason they can’t be done in Blender.

I downloaded the free Maya Personal Learning Edition. Just to check it out.
133 MB of Windows driven bloat! IMO. Granted it’s got a huge feature set, but it seems a bit inefficient after seeing what can be done for just 2.6 MB
in Blender.

I can say only one thing to you TRAITOR

I’m glad you’re back… :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

And yes!!! Blender nearly rivals MAX for Mesh tools…

I’m looking forward to see some kick ass modeling work from you…


Good to see you back!

Now model us some Warhammer characters! :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol I laugth to hear maya modelling tools sucks… is that true?
never tried myself you know. and it rival max too? well well. i should try it out to see it myself then.

have a nice day :wink:

Good to see you back, traitor :< :stuck_out_tongue: