my rig parented to human objects keeps falling through floor

in blender version 2.77a my object keeps falling through the floor and I cannot figure out why…I added armature to human objects and parented them both I set the metarig parented to the human objects as dynamic with a mass of 1.000 and set the bounding box as triangle mesh then I set the cube I used for the floor to static with the mass as 1.000 and triangle mesh as the boudning box but the human keeps falling through the floor…in a blend file I made in blender v2.76 I set the metarig parented to a human object as dynamic and it stayed on top of a floor object set as statc…I opened the blend file made in blender v2.76 in blender 2.77a and the human object does not fall through the floor when I start the game engine help?