my rigg help

how would i get the bottom to be the anchor instead of the top?
if you can tell me how to put up the blend ill put it up to show you

Sorry i dont understand what you mean by ‘Anchor’, could you explain in a bit more depth please?

I dont think bargaining with the forum users is gonna gett you your answer…:wink:

lol, i ment if you can tell me how to get up the blend file. and thank you but i fixed it i guess we can end this now, sorry

Dude, before you post a question, read what you wrote a few times and ask yourself “Is there any possible way that people will know what I am talking about if I post this tiny sentence of information”. If the answer is yes, and you are being honest, then click send. Either post a picture/file, or give us a little more detail about your problem.


thats what it was called in the old program i used to use. i ment when you rotate the upper chest it rotates the arms, neck, and head with it. what it was doing was when i rotated the upper chest it would rotate the legs and feet.

i’ve fixed that, and i got the animation of a walk cycle done, how would i get that to repeat in the game engine when i press the up buttom. all i know is that you add an ipo to the object or armature and choose the first and last frame of the animation. i tried that and it didnt work. i had it conected to a and controller and a keyboard uparrow senser.

I’m still not sure what you want. Try parenting the upper part of your rig to the lower part. So that means select the top, then the bottom, then press ctrl-p.