my rigged t-shirt DOES NOT show up in edit mode!!!!!!

hello…i’m having a little bit of trouble with blender. i have JUST finished rigging and posing my character for the first key-frame, but i noticed a mistake that i must have made while i was modleing the character’s shirt…i WOULD just go into edit mode and fix it, but the t-shirt is rigged-up, and when i enter edit mode for the characters’ t-shirt, it does not show up! and i have a feeling that i would have to delete the armature modifier for the t-shirt in order for it to show up in edit mode. However, i don’t want to do that! because if i do, then i would have to rig the t-shirt all over again! so my qustion is: how do i make the t-shirt show up in edit mode without deleting the armature modifier?

Tab into Edit mode and hit Alt-H?


nope…i just tried that and it’s still not working…thanks for trying to help me though…

Could you please upload your file there and post the link to it here?


how am i supposed to do that?

You go to Polorix (or savefile or somesuch), register, upload your file there. When it’s done uploading it’ll give you a link or you can rightclick on the file and choose “Copy Shortcut”, then paste that shortcut here so we can download your file.


oops! it’s working! i think my system (computer) may have just needed to rest for a while, because when i shut-down my computer, i went to sleep, woke-up, and went about my usual day, and left the computer of for an extra 4 hours (15 hours all-together), and when i finally booted-up my computer, blender worked just fine!..:confused: i wonder what that was all about???..:confused: :confused: :confused: anywho, thanks for trying to help, Fligh.

Hi !
A feature, very usefull in modelling is Alt B. You can select only an area of the buffer of the screen to be visible.
You can go in and out of this mode with the same shortcut Alt B.
If you do it by chance, you may hide some things and if you don’t know the trick, you can search your model for a long time !