My right arm is very strong !!

Hello & my right arm is X5 times stronger than the left one , 3D~ing since 5 years , maybe because of the mouse movement all the time ?

do you have the same issue ? :smiley:

How did you evaluate this?

obviously he arm wrestled his left and right arms

If you pull from the tip of a dynamometer with all your strenght, you can see how much strenght you have in an arm. Appeared in Mythbusters once.

And yeah, it’s caused for using constantly one arm while leaving the other at rest.

I’m working on my grip strength at the moment. Means a lot of squeezing the tennis ball etc.

My right arm can rotate 90º behind me. Can yours? (Haha, I’m doublejointed!)

Im gonna suspect that is due to some other activity. hahahah

Im gonna suspect that is due to some other activity. hahahah

I thought people usually use their left arm

Now I know not to shake your hand if I ever meet you in person. I can almost feel my bones breaking.

On second thought maybe I should build my grip strength too and then we’ll see who’s the real handshaking champ.

How can you use blender without keyboard shortcuts?? D:

Lol I doubt its because of computer work.

Naturally your favorable arm will be stronger. If your right handed then you’ll use your right hand more every day, so therefore it will naturally develop to be stronger.

While working at the gym I’ve noticed that my right arm muscles are slightly larger than the left, by about 1-2cm to be exact. It would be similar for everyone.

I lift my coffee and my beer with my left hand, thus offsetting the disproportionate work my right hand does with the mouse while blendering. I can do so while on breaks from hot-key rampaging.

This method assures that both of my arms are equally flabby.:smiley: