My rights

Hi everyone, first I must sorry for my English.
My questions are: If I want to officialy name my game somehow (f.e. Zombie Massacre), Have I to register that name somewhere(if game is freeware).
If I want to sold my game with any name (f.e. Zombie Massacre)
Have I to register that name somewhere(if game isnt freeware).
When I render some pictures, and I want to copyright rights, what I have to do?

Please tell me everything about copyrights and other rights.

i dont think you will find here any lawyer. So a effective search here is not possible.
You should use a forum that is concentrated about laws , because all you will hear here is
“i em not sure but” or “however im not a lawyer so…”

And to give you a example i tell you my oppinion.

I em not 100% sure but when you dont use any Reserved names, you can use any name you want.
Even when there happens to be 2 games of same name, the developers name will be added and things are clear again.

greets Equal

Definitely agreed.

But here’s a video I found awhile ago about creative commons. In the middle they talk about copyright. It says that whenever you make something, you automatically reserve the rights. But with names, I’m not sure if that applies. Still, it’s good to know that stuff you make is automatically protected.

This depends on the country you want to use the name.

At least make sure the name you choose are not under copyright (or brand) by other games (…in the country you want to use it).

I don’t know anything about non-American copyright law, but in the US when you create a work of art, it is automatically protected by copyright law- the trick is, you need some way to prove that you created it, and when, in case someone tries to sell a copy. That’s where the copyright registry comes in- they give you proof of a certain date, and that makes it much easier to defend your copyright.

I assume most country’s copyright law operates similarly, but it’s best to be sure- I’d find a lawyer (a real one, not one over the internet) and ask them.

If you’re interested in protecting the name of your game (not the artwork) I think you should be looking at trademark law rather than copyright law. In the example you had in the first post ‘Zombie Massacre’, a simple google search would reveal numerous existing ‘zombie massacre’ games so in this case you have nothing to protect.
As has been said, if you really do need legal advice (you have to ask yourself if it is really worth the time, effort and expense to do so), an internet forum is the last place you should be asking.