My road to a 3D artist.

Hey, a bit of background of me is that i’ve been using Blender for the past 1 - 1.5 years; though using it intensly for just about half a year…

I Live in sweden and im 19 years of age, Unsure of my future.
Though 3D has really caught my eye, and is probably the road i want to take as a career.

But as traditional art is still a big part as a 3D artist, For Concept idea’s etc. there’s where my issues comes up. My drawing skills is competly useless.

So im going to get myself motivated to change this and ill be posting new pictures up on this thread and hopefully we’ll see some progression with my art. I’ve got a wonderful girlfriend that’s an excellent artist (Realistic portraits.) she’ll be a big part on helping me with techniques but also other tutorials on the internet will be a huge asset.

I warn you though; My work looks like it’s been done by a 10 year old; and yes you may judge me hard as i want to IMPROVE. Hopefully ill come to see 3D as a realistic future job. (specificly in Game development.)

First runner up; first ever drawing on a Pen Tablet.

I’ll hopefully keep this updated.

I don’t get the sign, the base is behind the guy but the top is in front!

If I were you I’d worry less about color at this point and just draw, both from imagination and life, try to fill a few pages a day. The more you do the better, you need to just develop your eye at this point. Focus on defining forms with line only, later move up to shading in monotone, then you can worry about color. At the same time it’s good to keep a reference folder of color schemes, interesting compositions, etc. that you like. See also here:

Good catch there, didn’t even notice that about the sign!
Perhaps a sign of lack of an artist’s eye.

Thank’s for the tip though and i’ll be doin’ just some drawing as you said; it’s something that’s been in my mind and now that you also mention it it’s something ill defenitly focus on.

Ill get my ass started now and i’ll post what i manage to come up with at a later date. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your comment.

Some quickies; most happy about the Stairs tbh…
Any comments?

Quickie… perhaps i should clean my scetch up to get a fresher look… feels like wasting time as i just need to spend time drawing drawing drawing!

Update, Got inspired to try some more armour pieces… :slight_smile:

Hi Lulznoodle.

I was unsure about making a comment, because I don’t have something really constructive to say. However, I would like to encourage you to research the possible careers available for 2D and 3D artists.

If you choose 2D you must draw well, but it´s not everything about drawing. Take Fine Art, Illustration, and Design as examples: Fine Art is very concerned for feeling, Illustration for ideas, and Design for original concepts. Drawings and renderings are their media, not their goals. Every discipline has different goals and also different working conditions. So, it’s important to know what you’ll be doing before choosing anyone.

For 3D, drawing skills are not a must, but are certainly helpful.

Whatever you want, it is convenient to start learning the basics of visual communication, like perspective, light and shade, shadows, value, color, etc. Add to those anatomy (human and animal), technology (old and new), nature, and everything you can learn. Composition is an all-important concept that you’ll encounter everywhere.

These are only some ideas I want to share with you, don’t take them so seriously, I’m not an authority in anything.

If you have time, and if you haven’t done already, check this videos by Feng Zhu, he’s a high caliber professional and offers helpful advice. I suggest you to start with ‘Episode 47 Q&A’, and then from the beginning.

Thanks for your lengthy post and ill be checking the videos out. :slight_smile:

My dream goal would probably be with working in a game studio as i love fantasy and that really has shown in my 3D work as alot of it is fantasy inspired… and for the educations i’ve looked into at a univuristy level ALL of them requier me to draw 2 - 3 picture’s to send in for examination too see if im good enough or not, and they totally look away from grades etc.

Wich arguably in my opinion isn’t the best way to find potentially good people as all aspects has to be taken into account; but well… Not my decision to make and thefor i’ll just keep on drawing or follow some other dream of mine…

Just pushing out drawings as much as i can; for some reason it give’s me motivation even if noone replies. :slight_smile:

Sketched some wings quickly…
Girlfriend comming home tomorrow and i’ll be asking for some assistance to try to make a body to attach to em… i’m excited to see the results. :slight_smile:

Yes, serious art schools choose their students based on portfolio, and even the ones that consider your grades, do so mostly to evaluate if you have discipline and will endure your studies. Also, courses are kind of expensive. Anyways, whatever you decide later, learning and drawing a lot is not a waste of time, so keep the drawings coming!

In addition to the drawings you are doing now, you should do quick sketches of people you see in real life. People move a lot, so You have to draw quickly. These tend to be gesture drawings, and some drawings may be limited to a minute or less, and if you are lucky you might be able to do longer drawings. A lot of schools like gesture drawings because they show whether you can capture the escence of a scene, and allow you to express what you see. The other types of drawing are important as well, but I know a lot of animators and 3d artist I know who draw do gestures as well. It’s really easy if you live in a big city.

hi just thought i would share somthing.

My dream goal would probably be with working in a game studio as i love fantasy and that really has shown in my 3D work as alot of it is fantasy inspired…

from the sounds of it your intrested more in manga style.
a good site to check out is
and it does look like yourdrawings are getting better :wink:

I know I suggest this to everybody, but I read andrew loomis’s books. He is an expert.