my robot (speed modeling sess.) [download .blend on page 2]

yes, finally finished my robot :smiley: . done in 3 hours.
i don’t like the front armor, maybe i’ll fix it one day :stuck_out_tongue: .

i’m looking forward to texture him, just read arild wiro’s tutorial (great work)… but i actually don’t have the software (and uv-mapping skills) to do it :wink: .

aah, yes… the pics

a wire…

btw: c’mon blender users join that speed modeling sessions :D, this week’s topic is kinda hard to do in 3 hours (for me!), it’s “dinosaurs”.

cu nastacc

nice job, i like it whithout textures

Nice model. Especially for the time constraint.

Not too keen on all the reflections though. Too shiny for my taste. But as you said, you have read wiro’s tute. Would like to see that done. That is a great tutorial.


thanks guys :slight_smile: .

i’m definately going to do my try at 2d apps. just need time and money :wink: .


Fantastic model. Made in 3 hours is even more fantastic! :slight_smile: PLEASE, Animate him. He wants it! :slight_smile:

Damn good model! If you dont care to texture it, could you maybe make the .blend public? It would be interesting to see what kinds of ideas the community has for him… I know I would have fun texturing him.


thanks again :smiley: .

erm, yes i’m gonna share the .blend :slight_smile: ! i’ll upload it today.

animating ? i’ll give it a try :stuck_out_tongue: , maybe i should make the model more bone friendly %| .


great model, saw it on cgtalk - its nice to see blender work around!! but, like many others, i think its much too shiny.

nice modeling and nice shader (look I’m cool I’m using the word “shader” instead of “material” :stuck_out_tongue: ).

Great model. I love the sense of weight it has. Like the “simple” texturing too!

I don’t know what tutorial you guys are talking about, but if your pockets are deep, nastacc, just give GIMP a shot. Especially the upcomming 2.0 is very nice.

I love the model btw. If I could do this in a month I’d be very happy about myself :wink:

good job as always… What can I say it looks great. :smiley: (incredible good work for 3 hour)

I dont think that it would be to shiny, it remeind me on a toy that I had in the past as child.

I also think that you should try gimp… anyway keep up the good work.

I think nastacc (correct me if I’m wrong) mean this
Arild Wiros tut on his site
same tut in 3dtotal

(sorry for my bad english)

The model is great, but I agree with blendermax that the robot is too shiny. Good work!

nice gimp rust tutorial

this is the basic method… from here you could do a lot of cool stuff

about the coloring:
red and yellow is fine together, but the white base you have there, doesn’t go very well with it…


thats awsome, he’s just asking for a gun to destroy something :wink:

great work [!]


thanks :slight_smile: .

a gun ? yeah, if i have time.
i’ve put the blend on my server. hope to see some textured or rigged versions :smiley: .

->klick to download the model<-


…I had to do this, it was asking for it…

I was too lazy to screw with materials, but it wanted me to add a monkey…

haha :smiley: , great !

now add some robotish-technical-scifi-stuff to the monkey :slight_smile:

here again :smiley: :

nas, dof wth corel