My robot Wip for blender cookie “Contest: Create a Robot in Blender!”

Been working from the from day one, couple hours a day . I have a lot more to do Wip. And still learning . Bolts ,cables , hinges more modeling etc… Change this Change that…
My Robot Wip…So far


Great design and nice modelling, if textures and materials are as good then this will be a fantastic piece.

You’re off to a fantastic start, Gary! I’ve seen some of your other projects in another thread, and your skill and experience is clearly evident in your work. I’m really looking forward to seeing how this piece comes along!

wow, that’s pretty menacing already. Once textures these should look awesome!

great model! somehow reminds me of starwars :wink:

Thanks Guys ! Im working on it and Learning …Slow .

carbon fiber test

Cycles or Internal?

its Cycles

The carbon fiber gives it a rather insect like appearance, as if it were multifaceted eyes. Very cool look.

I was wondering if you were gonna enter this! Looking really nice :smiley: I’m definitely following this thread!

Yes ,Im entering ,i have a lot to do … texture test

This is very cool. Good model; it looks very streamlined and the design is really well done.

Good luck in the contest! Can’t wait to see the finished render.

Been working …slow …body remodeled …Learning testing designing …Saving…Saving. LOL

Well here it is.

came out real nice.

Thanks Blendermonk

Orthographic and displacement UV texture for armor

very nice result. I worry about the amount of weight being put on those little legs.

That is rally cool keep at it.