my robot with gun

Here is a robot that I made with a gun and a hand.

Here is one with bigger legs.

Compared to your previous threads, this one shows substantial improvement! That said, your presentation is letting you down and stunting your improvement. You don’t need to add clashing, garish materials onto everything yet (or indeed, ever). You still need substantial practice with basic modeling, and any attempt to see and therefore comment on your modelling is being buried in your hideous neon shadowscape. Can you show this model as a wireframe or a simple viewport capture? I’d like to see how its actually constructed.

Here are two wireframes front and side.

Well its poorly optimized and I’m not sure how the head connects to the neck, or indeed how any of the joints are supposed to work. The visual conveyance of Robots and other mechanical objects often depends on having a tight, solid sense of how the parts connect to each other and are mechanically moved, but your joints are more the suggestion of them than actual objects. The elbow appears to be an axle joint, but its bending inwards – see this picture, i exaggerated for effect

Unless the metal is warping this should be a possible position.

Of course the bigger problem is the blandness- aside from the head every part is merely a stretched primitive. Real mechanical objects have seams, rivets, and distinctive forms imposed by both physical necessity and aesthetic desire – there has never been an actual robot made of circles and boxes. Lacking distinctive shapes, your robot is both unmemorable and devoid of thematic/narrative/visual personality- your robot “means” very little. This is sort of the foundation of artistic design.

I think the first step to improving it is to decide what your robot is supposed to mean - what emotions is it to invoke? Is it a scary robot? A friendly robot? How big is it? What level of technology is it made with? Is it old, new, refurbished? These decisions allow you to craft a story for the robot which you can then attempt to convey visually through design. Stories resonate with audiences more than polygons do.

Could you pick out 3 robot images from the internet.Then write down what makes those designs so great.And show me in the pictures by numbering those areas accordingly.

Just a thought but it might be more beneficial to you if you picked 3 that you liked then do an honest comparison to what you have produced and try and style yours using those as a reference and see how that goes, what inspired you current creation ?

i don’t want to be rude, but i suppose you might be misunderstanding the intentions beyond the critiques people gives to your work, maybe it is just my impression, but it looks to me that you get a bit “offended” by the observations people address to your work.
The intentions beyond critiques is clearly in order to help you improve your skills and blender abilities, and the purpose of this site is clearly that one, to help the other improving. In order to achieve this, two thing are needed, the first is someone who spend his time in order to figure out and gently explain to you how you can improve, witch is clearly there. the second is a good attitude in receiving critiques, and the will of benefit of them.
Getting “offended” will not help your work, as it is not a challenge in witch everyone post his work and say “i am better than you” and you have to defend it, it is a place where you post your effort and ask for people help.
In other posts people told you to start again with the “basics” ad try some tutorial, they don’t mean “you suck, i am better”, they mean that the lack of some basic knowledge stops you from reaching full satisfaction from your work.

I make you an example
the first times i tried blender i wanted to design a house animation. but i soon realized that my knowledge was far too poor to achieve the result i had in mind. so i followed lots of tutorial, and now after months i still suck at blender compared to the most of this community, but i made lot of improvements and i am fully satisfied of it.

And the point is that one, to improve you need to spend lot of time on things you are doing, on seeing how other people achieved similar results and learning from them, and if you can’t understand how they are working you need to step-back to something more “basic” in order to figure it out.

hoping of not being misunderstood, and to not offend you, i wish you good work.

Sorry for appearing to be offended.I did not mean to.