My robot

I started making this robot, this is his head, but i have a problem…ok, here is the head,
And here it is with what i wanted to be a small blue light comming from the 3 vent things on the side
as you can see, its huge, and is comming out of more than the vents, heres a close up on them
can anyone help me to figure out what i should do to make the light not go so far, and only be comming out of the vent? i would love any help.

I think you can do that using the “Sphere” option in the light settings and by playing a bit with the “Dist” value.

Looks good so far. Re the lighting; do a search on this site for “freighter”. At the begining of November I posted a freighter project that I was working on. Scroll down to the 2nd image. For the intakes on the side I put a couple of red area lights with a low energy setting inside the intakes. This produced a glow on the side of the ship. Have a look and see if this is the lighting effect you need.

I located the jpg of the freighter for you to have look at. This was my 1st blender project.


thats looking really well.
it looks like it will be marvalous when its complete. :slight_smile:

btw, does your robot have any relation to “guilty spark” from halo.