This my robot is very simply.

Edit: + wire
You can find more WIP screens on my blog

That’s it, don’t touch it anymore! Its perfect! :yes:
Keep it going

Its quite grainy on the shadow… but other than that… pretty good. The wires look bit dull tho. But i am not sure what sort of “look” are you after here.

nice but its just a bit too bright. not horribly bright but just enough so it’s unclear where the outline of the robot is. did u use a special engine to render this in or is it just a blender internal render?

Nice work!
No crits on this end :wink:

It is only internal render with postproces photoshop (small blur and text.)

cool robot. has got a distinct funny/stupid look on his face…gives him a character. good work…4*

Yes, good work. very well done…If i could recommend one thing . It would be to take away some of the brightness. tone it down a little bit so you can see the foot area also

It has a soul! )

Nice! I like the materials!

OMG thats ub3r!!!

Im 1337!!

Thats one very very cool robot! i love the eye material

a little less overexposed, and you’ve got something really nice.

I really like it. Even the overexposed effect…it’s lovely and looks intentional. I can see this being on TV or in a movie. Maybe in a cool TV commercial for Pepsi, or something, lol.

Thanks for all comments. You can see used materials… Is it easy?