My Room - Advice

Hello pples,
Im failry new to Blender and lacking solid foundation when comes to lighting and materials. The scene is hardly finished yet, but seems to be lacking depth. Any advice on the materials being used or any possible lighting methods which could improve this image would be really helpful.
Is the image just completely shit, or am i on the right track to using Blender. I have seen many works from people and i know im far from getting their but some consctructive critisism would be nice.
Ive used one Spot light to mimic the sun outside and 2 Area lights inside. How can i get more contrast and create more ‘feel’ in the image.
Sorry for mundane questions, but i really want to learn but finding it hard to get feed back.
Any1, thnx 4 listening.


you are getting there :slight_smile:
It’s quite nice, a little squat and short but otherwise it’s quite good.

Oh and don’t worry, we find it hard to give feedback, so don’t be astonished if it is hard to get if it’s hard to give.
(cause we want to encourage you, and everybody has the right to make mistakes while learning).

You have a point Hoxolotl. Never really thought of it from your perspective.
Thnx for the comment. :slight_smile:

Andrew, whats going on? Im still waiting.
Call Lez.

Just an update on my image.
Any comments, suggestions appreciated.


Pretty detailed, I like the wood texture on the floor - looks like I’d slide around on new polyurethane finish!!

One question, is that a chandelier or a lamp? Because of the emit value, or from reflectivity, I seem to get the impression it is supposed to be a lamp, but it’s casting a large shadow from your main light source. If it’s not supposed to be, then you could move it to another layer by itself and set the main light source to affect only objects on it’s own layer.

I have yet to do a nice interior, and I think I might try later so you can give me some insight :slight_smile:

I’ve only done silly sets and overt-scifi type sets work, nothing like reality yet. Looking very good so far, digital_domain. Bring on the updates !!! :slight_smile:

Sweet room! I wish that I had that chair! It looks like that there are rocks in your trash can. And what’s up with that disco-ball-thing hanging from the ceiling? Is it a lamp? If so then it shouldn’t be casting a shadow.

I aggree, that ball thing hanging from the celiling was suppose to be a disco light ball, i thought it looked pretty stupid too, moving it to another layer is the solution though. Of course! The rocks in the bin was suppose to be balls of paper LOL. I’ll fix them up. Really appreciate the comments guys, its the only way to get better right?
Thnx again.

Yep, just post updates as you go… like I said, looking good.

Carig, im trying to do what u said, move the ball to another layer so its not casting a shadow from the main light source, i know this is simple to do, im sure, ive done it b4, but could you please tell me how to do this again. Can u check my post in “Textures and Lighting” forum. You seem to know your stuff and your very helpful. Thnx again

To move an object to another layer just select it and then hit m.

I love the detail that you have put into your project. But I have one suggestion, the carpet looks a little to solid. Maybe add a few bends or maybe even a fold to make it more realistic. Other than that, keep up the good work!

Thnx jd.may, good advice.

I think im finished. I would like to start on something else now. I’d just like to say thanks for everyones support and feed back on my first project. If we all support and help eachother, we all prosper and evolve as one. :confused: K, sounding a bit soppy now, but seriously thnx.
P.S. I didn’t ignore your advice JD.May, im just ‘over’ this project.


Lez, call me when you get home.

no worries man, It looks great nonetheless.