My Room [Cycles]

Hi all blender Artists.
So i Today i just started with my first interior scene, it’s far from perfect or even done.
So basicly i’m just modeling my entire room with all the ojects :spin:., im just starting to rough everything out then move on to smaller objects and followed by Texturing in Cycles.

No materials yet and 100 passes in Cycles.
Lol and i know only one light source :frowning:

And critique for my first interior scene ?
appreciate any comments and feedback.


Because you are not yet doing textures , i believe is enough if you set Cycles to 20 passes.
I don’t understand exactly what you say about the light : you don’t know how to place light in cycles ?
In cycles you can make any object a light source by applying an "Emission " material to it .

Not much of an update but some progress made.

-Extra Windows.
-Window Bars.
-Better Closet door handels.
Still alot left.
Any improvements i should make ?
Appreciate any Feedback


From what I’ve read, Blenders Internal Render is better for Interiors and Cycles is better for… everything else. There’s nothing to critique really, maybe you could upload a picture of your room for reference? :slight_smile:

Well, I always though Cycles was better for interior and close-up scenes. Blender Internal is better for exterior and such things… I think.
Good start by the way

Oh, I was afraid I’d get it wrong :confused: Thanks for clearing that up!

Sure, My room is a bit of a mess :eyebrowlift:
Just used my phone :cool:

A bit Small but we all can Adjust :wink:

Just added a few small thing, will worry about the lighting later on.
Any ideas for the Room ? For know i will be using the Interior thats in my room.

The windows (in real life) are skinnier and scaled up on the z axis. In CG they look square. Everything else looks good.

Thanks, Just Finished That problem.
I have one Question, how would i go about Making the Outside of the Scene.
Even thought this is an interior scene the windows will be there, So should i use HDRI Inviroment image or Model it ?

Well, when you want to use the HDRI lighting, you have to make the HDRI yourself. But as I see on the photos is the outside not too hard to model.

I’m not the best person to answer this but heres my verdict,
Model = more views/satisfaction and possibly more realism
HDRI = Easier and might look better.

Good luck!

Do both and see which render looks better


Started with the Interior Objects, i can’t seem to model a pillow anyone got a tecnique for modeling a pillow of some sort ?

@TechWreck : Great idea, will model it after that try the HDRI idea.
Appreciate any Feedback


for a pillow? I just made a cube added a few loopcuts (Ctrl + R) and made a dip in the center of it lengthwise. Hope that helps.