My room in 3d

This is a replica of room created in 3d…kindly give ur feedback


Well it looks like a noob made it. I’m not going to tell you its great. Have you ever seen a bed that perfectly square? Your linoleum floor is scaled a bit too big, but honestly it is the best part of your render. Your shadows are far too sharp. The wood texture on your in table is not mapped correctly. The background actually looks very good though (the curtain). Is that an image? because if you can model that, I see no reason why the rest of your room looks so basic.

The bad news is you have a lot to learn still, but the good news is that most of it you will pick up very quickly and will see your scenes improve with every render. It’s a major accomplishment to make anything in Blender at all. It’s not at all an easy program to learn. You’re on the right track and if you keep posting and keep asking questions you will be a pro in no time at all.

If you have an nvidia gpu, switch over to cycles now. If you don’t, I’d still recommend switching. I held off on making the jump because it was lacking many of the abilities that blender render had for a long time, but I made the switch a few months back and I’m very glad I did. Cycles makes everything look 10x more realistic by default, and at some point if you continue on in learning 3d design you will buy an nvidia gpu and then the real fun starts.