My Room in Blender

I decided to make my room in Blender and render it with YafaRay. Thebed still needs some work. I need to add seperate sheets, a pillow, and a frame. It’s not done yet, of course, but I think it’s going pretty well. One question, though. Right now I have the area seen through the windows as an image texture on a plane. Because of this, there are shadows on it that shouldn’t be there. How can I get rid of these?

P.S. That is not what it looks like out my window. :frowning:

hmm the shadows look too sharp to me. It seems like its missing something to add to the realism, but I cant think of what I mean.

Looking good though, keep up the work!

It’s missing… stuff. Unless you keep your room a lot cleaner than my room


Why are you using Yafaray? I think Blender Internal would do a fine job with this scene.
To make the window not receive shadows, do the following:
In 2.4x, go to the material panel. under shaders, there is a button labeled ‘Shadow’ that is currently depressed. Click it to turn off shadows.

in 2.5, go to the material panel, scroll all the way down, open the ‘Shadow’ category, and uncheck Receive.

Profiteer is right, it needs the general clutter of everyday life. A pair of shoes on the floor, some books on the shelf, wrinkled sheets, etc.
Other than that, it is looking great so far! I especially like the rug :smiley:

I added some stuff and re-rendered it. I need to redo the backboard on the bed and put in a wall behind it. That’s why its got a blue tint to it. One question, though. I put some pictures in the frames, but they are sideways. How do I get them to be right side up? Also, I just realized Blender crashed and I hadn’t saved the no shadow on the sky.

I put some pictures in the frames, but they are sideways. How do I get them to be right side up?

Rotate UV coordinates.

The view out the right window, looks like a picture not a window. Maybe put some curtains or shades. Dont you have one or another or both in you room? The left window…err blue? sky? or shades? or what?

It’s too empty and it needs to be lighter, your room is way too dark imo.

I couldn’t find the rotate UV coordinates you were talking about, so I think I’ll leave them as they are. I’m thinking about picking up more ram tomorrow and will probably render again after I get the blinds done. The left window is actually the sky or the ocean, not sure which one. I will change the outside window image, too. Also, I may put in my iPod charging clock thingy and a few more things to make it seem less empty. Right now my only solution is to put Suzanne on the shelf. Also I thought I’d mention that although I have a Dell laptop, it is not pink! :slight_smile:

Ok, Question…did you uv map you image? If not you should, then in the materials under the Map Input for texture, you should enable the UV. Then with the face you want to rotate the uv coordinates selected, open the Image Editor Window. There select the vertices, and press R, and rotate them. Hope that helps.

If it is not pink, change the pink color to something else. Duh lol.

Gd Luck.

No, I didn’t UV map the image. I’ll try that. I have another question. I currently only have walls on the left, right, and back ands of the room. I have no walls behind the bed or a ceiling. How can I keep my current camera view but still add a wall behind the bed? The only reason I feel a need to add a wall at all is because the blue world color is reflecting on it and turning it blue. When I put a wall there, it is in front of the camera and I lose view of the room. I’m going to mess around with it tomorrow and add some blinds and visible legs to the bed.

You could move the camera in past the wall and adjust the lense zoom(I believe)

I managed to get the walls to go around the camera, so thats all good. I just came back from taking a bunch of pictures in my room to change up some of the textures and add some items. The pictures in the room I don;t actually have, but I am related to the painter. I am going to replace the one above the bookshelf with the ones I have in my room now. I’m also going to add a nightstand, chair, and a picture I took out my window.

I’m pretty excited to see how this coems out!

I can’t seem to get it to render! When I tried to do a test YafaRay render, blender crashed. I turned off clay render, and it crashed again! I have tried maybe five times, removed the new objects, but it still crashes. Any advice anybody?

Change the world colour to black :). By the way, try adding some windows (the picture looks like a poster). A window is made of glass, but usually has a wooden frame, which you should do. There is something else nobody mentionned: your lamp stand right in the middle of the room, and therefore it casts unrealistic shadows, because they should roughly have the same direction (You’ve got shadows going in all directions right now).

actually, when I started working on this I was laying in my bed. When I put the lamp in the center, approximately where my real lamp is, the shadows were almost identical.

I really need help with Blender crashing. The console just says that the image or texture was loaded, then crashes. I have tried deleting the last object listed that uses that material, but then it just comes up with another texture or image. This is driving me insane! Any help would be greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

Your lucky your room is extra tidy and super empty…mine would be hard to render…as theres stuff everywhere…good job dude. work on that lighting.

Dunno, what the problem is, but here is what you can do. make a new blender file, delete everything, then append(Shift F1) everything(or what you need) from the file that crashes.

I tried the append thing and it didn’t work, but I fixed the problem. Actually, I just opened blender the next day and it rendered fine! :slight_smile:

I’ve got a bit of a problem. First of all, Yafaray only works on even days of the week, (???), and there is no light coming in from outside. How can I keep the image of outside there while also having light coming through the windows? Right now I have the image as a texture on a plane.