My Room: Interior Architecture WIP

With the client for my main project out of town, I decided to do some quick practice by modeling something easily available for me. What better than the room in which I work? I’m leaving town for a few weeks tomorrow, so after this first update it will be a while til the next update, but I’m very excited for this project. For the first update I have finished the frame of the room, including the ceiling which is a fairly strange shape, and the moldings for the windows, doors and floor. Not too much in here yet, but I’m pretty happy with the molding as its the first time I’ve really used curves to create an outline, and Boolean modifier to make nice corners.

Not much to comment on yet, but let me know if you have any critiques or suggestions. Hopefully it wont be too long to get more detail in there. (The materials are very simple temporary colors.)


Since I got back from my trip I have continued to work on this, but I forgot that I made a WIP thread for it. Here is an update from the past few days. Most of my time was spent on the latches for the windows, but I also added the doors, hinges, doorknobs, and the windows themselves. This render is too zoomed out to show it, but my goal is to put as much detail as possible into every model for my own practice mostly, but also to give myself as many options as I can for later rendering.

There is still a lot of work to be done, but I’m enjoying this project a lot and will keep working on it even if my other projects need to take priority in the short term.