My room - new experience...

Im starting modeling my room…
1st hour
i can already see that the heater is not so realistic> There are some artifacts on the case under the desk.
i’m waiting for suggestions, ideas or smth… :slight_smile: [/img]

that artifact is because there are two faces at the same place. Try removing doubles or deleting a copy of that object on the same place. Also the heater has to be one solid shape. Very good start tho, great idea!

Nice, scrap the current lights and try using an area light to simulate non direct daylight as it looks like it’s non direct coming in from the window to enhance lighting with reytracing on and all three shadow options on with 16 samples. Also put some spotlights in the room with a wide angle of illumination in addition to simulate bouncing light.

Ok, I add some textures like carpet, and a few lamps.
Which is better ?

the first one is better. The second one is over-illuminated.

upg. of lighting also I add a chair :wink: and window

Looks pretty good and furnished so far, the heater could have set smooth on.

I think that is still a WIP. :wink:

yes it is still wip, many things are not yet finished…

I thought so.

i must add some curtain on the window, plants and maybe some stuff like old socks lying on the carpet… :smiley: