My Room Scene

i’m work on this one for a day or two, the main idea is to make a represnt of my room

this is the closet :

and this is one of the rendering:

say what you think, and what is there to be added,
i will take a picture of the room and add it later.

lighting on the cabinet looks good. I like the woodgrain on the cabinet as well, pretty spot on. The door purpotions don’t seem quite right yet. It looks too chunky and cartoony next to a cabinet that is that realistic. Floor texture is a good start, though floors are rarely that pristine. I would think about using a texture to modulate the reflectivness of the floor, the grout between the tiles would not be as reflective as the tiles themselves. Also maybe working on the bump map for the floor would help. Floor tiles are rarely that large as well. Good start!


Closet doors seem to thick… generaly the scale seems to be bad.

Here’s two new render, i added a table and a cabinet,

and i tried to make some clothes to fit in the scene, but i don’t have any clue how to model them nicely, and how to shade them corectlly

I can’t see the exact shape of it, but I would make it a bit flatter.

Change the floor texture and make it less glossy. Take a look at you the size of everything too (?proportions?).

Nice lookin’