My room...

I have just found a new way to waste my time: build my bedroom…

The picture (at the bottem of this text) is a result of some time on my room. I have created my room in scale but everything else not.

If anybody has critics, suggestions or questions, please reply.

[!] The following links problebly don’t work by clicking on them so please compy them and paste them in your adres bar.

My room 1024x768 (jpg)


My room 1280x768 (jpg)


Sander Wit :Z (The Netherlands)

Nice little room (er big), the main problem I see is that you need some AA (turn that on in the render settings…), aside from that is good but could use some more stuff like a chair (to sit on when using the computer) and piles of papers/books/etc on the desk :smiley:

Yes I know it isn’t done yet, thats why it is in this aera, Unfinished Projects, and I will create the chair and my bed and pensils and my keyboard etc but what do you mean with AA, (I cant find it) and what does it do?

By the way, yes I know my room is kinda’ -spacy-, but that is what it is. The wide angle camera perhaps exaturated it.


Click the OSA button, that’s AA.

The room’s also a bit grainy and a little empty.

Hey guys, I am a bit further with my room, any suggestions, critics or ideas, please reply.


Sander Wit

Quite an unusual location for a room as i’ve seen, looks much better then the first picture.

Hey! I saw The Neverhood! So it’s true that I’m not the only one that has it!

I like the pictures, maybe you could post a picture of your real room for comparison?

[quote=“R2Blend”]Hey! I saw The Neverhood! So it’s true that I’m not the only one that has it!

Hey R2Blend, yes, I also have the Neverhood and I think it’s quet a cool game. Especcially the setting is lovely. That’s why when I redecorated my room (in real life) I wanted to inspire it by the Neverhood.

I haven’t got a very good digital camera but with the URL pictures below you do get the idea of my room in real life.

Right now I am trying to create a texture to match my -real life- wall paintings…

The URL’s of photo’s of my room are:


just to get the idea of what my room looks like in real life (thnx for the idea of posting them :wink: )

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