My room

This is my first render that I have made in a long time that hasn’t been cartoony organic. I started making it to see what those posters would look like if I had them printed, but it was such good practice I have decided to keep going.

Things yet to do:
ceiling light
light switch
more furniture
curtain and curtain rod

And on a side note does anyone know a good place to get poster size prints at a reasonable cost?

PS: I may have taken some artistic liberties with the scenery


do you live in new plymouth?if not whered you get the pic for your window?

The photo for the scenery was taken in Brookings, Oregon. My sister has a cannon Rebel XT.

The picture doesn’t look right to me. It seems like a poster for some reason. Maybe have a window material and then a plane moved back with the picture on it for more realism. Cause then you will be able to see the spec on the window and stuff.