My room

Please say about the Imperfections in my image.

That desk must be in disproportionate to the closet…otherwise nice render

Moved from “Support > Modeling” to “Artwork > Works in Progress”

Why? Aren’t many of them quite obvious?

  • The desk and chair are too small.
  • Shadows (closet handles, corner behind the desk) indicate that the light comes from the right hand side but the brightest area is on the left/foreground.
  • Tree image has low saturation and it’s flat.
  • Room is brighter than the outside, window would have reflections
  • Carpet has no thickness.
  • Chair texture is too big/bad
  • Wood textures on the closed are blurry/unsharp
  • Image is noisy

What is good is the lightness/luminance levels, there are no completely white nor completely black pixels, and it draws a bunny in the vectorscope

thanks, I do appreciate your constructive comment.