My rotation driver variable loses a value greater than 180 degrees

driver variable 180 degrees
I am trying to use the axis of rotation of a bone in a driver variable.
By the way, there is a problem when the rotation value is greater than 180 degrees.

For example, the transform displays -207, but the driver variable value displays 153.
I want to use -207, not 153.
I tried different Euler axes and quaternion as rotation options, but it didn’t work.

How can I use a value greater than 180 degrees in the driver?

Thank you in advance.

Not sure why this happens, can you share a stripped down file ?

driver 180 degrees problem.blend (95.2 KB)

Here is my file.
You can see the problem by opening the file and rotating the driver bone in pose mode.

Using ‘auto euler’ in the driver settings makes it work correctly. Now these settings are all new in 2.82 (or 2.81?) so I don’t really know how best to use them…but in any case I don’t think they should produce such a discontinuity, normally only observed with constraints.

@angavrilov is that working as expected ?

driver variable 180 degrees solved

The Auto Euler option works well for my situation because it allows the transformer channel and driver values to match.
Other XYZ Euler or quaternion options do not allow driver values over 180 degrees.