My rubbish geometry, but why the sharp delineation?

Here’s some really rubbish geometry…

BadGeometry.blend (710.9 KB)

Poles, tris, it’s awful. I know. But I’m a little bit confused as to why there’s such a sharp delineation in the Solid display – I expect some aberrations, but why is it so sharp?


'Cuz half the model has its normals inverted (you get a shading seam between faces facing in opposite ways) :wink:

I gotta start leaving the Normals display on…


Ye, and in 2.82 the face orientation colors are theme-able, so you could leave it on with less intrusive colors (i.e. transparent for front to keep the viewport shading, obnoxious red or black or whatever for back).


Just turn on backface culling. Apparently it is now off by default which I find rather silly.

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Just packed up, so: does it still display the wireframe when backface culling is on? Tnx.

In edit mode it does in object mode only if you have “wireframe” turned on in the Viewport overlay menu.
In edit mode it even shows backfacing polygons transparent.