my satelitte card is not working too good ! :( , i'm sad


before something like 15 days i have bought a new PC with satellite card , the model is DTV it is a well-known sat card …

the problem is the channel shows the first frame then the picture hangs and freeze

a technichan i have called just stripped the cord and it worked … ! , so it worked for a one day then it didn’t when i have unplugged the cord (and stripped it) (for curiousity reasons) , i put the cord again and the problem appeared again

here goes a pic , i want to profe to my family that i am able to solve it by myself , what is the best configuration of cord stripping …
the problem is not in the software settinges , it is in the cord stripping from both sides the dish and the PC card , …

can anyone help with a good picture of stripping , and have the cord hair (strands not the solid wire ) to be touching or something , thanks …

what is the solvant ?

now that is too bad , no one replied :frowning:

I can’t really help you with your specific problem. However up to a year or so ago, I had a wireless internet setup. I successfully made an antena to boost its performance. There were quite a few websites with lots of information. Hereis one that I’ve bookmarked, but you would want to google for some more.

thanks , i don’t know what to type in google
i’m not noob , but these are specific words that i don’t know !

don’t know what happened here - dubble post…

Try your luck and just type the exact question you want to ask. Google might surprise you - its done it for me in the past. Something like: " stripped cable for dtv card" or something to that effect. Otherwise if you are determined enough, start reading sites about dtv cards, follow links untill you eventually find what you’re looking for. It can be time consuming, but there is a good chance the solution is discussed somewhere on the interwebs.
Another place to look is the “howto” guides: eHowand wikiHow

thanks … too much