My school 3D work this past year

Hello, this past year has been very exciting. It was my first year of college which is now over, cycles was released and the list goes on…

I used Blender to complete several of the projects in school and I thought I would share some of them with you guys for some critique. :slight_smile: The instructor’s were pretty pleased with what I’ve made, but what do they know? they’re instructors! :stuck_out_tongue: So let’s hear it, tear my stuff apart.
(projects go in order from oldest to newest)

Advertising Design class:

This project was based on the concept. We had to make something boring a little more interesting. We had to make packing your packages safe and fun!
yes, the peanuts are floating. I had a problem where I couldn’t get the particle emitted peanuts to stack on one another.

Here we had to create a perfume and design a bottle, label, and box.
This made the instructor chuckle :slight_smile:

For this project we were put in teams of two to pick a target market and design an ad for the aforementioned market :D. I forced my teammate to make the textures.
we had a choice to advertise x-acto blades or staedtler erasers. lovely.

Illustration class:

This one we had to illustrate a poem that was in a book called “Creature Carnival”

This project was in theory kind of simple, illustrate the phrase “feed the monster”. We were free to interpret it as we pleased. It was a hard project :stuck_out_tongue:

This was the last project of the year. Again we had to take something bland and boring and try to make it interesting. We had to make an illustration for a magazine article about trying to get kids interested in reading, titled “Tame the Wild Text”
the dashed line indicates the page gutter