My science-fiction project

Hello everyone, after several months of learning I have started a space opera type project. I purchased some models and building my scenes. I just finished this scene, of a fictional home planet with a moon in a binary star system, a Starbase and a ship. There is animation for these objects except the suns. One thing, the glow around the suns are faintly square instead of round. The glow is an emission shader connected to the material output set at 100 strength. I am looking for some feedback and comments so I can get better. Over the next weeks and months, I will post scenes of ships, combat and hyperspace travel , also looking for comments and input. Cheers everyone.

Here is one of my first model which I am attempting/creating following a tutorial:

Am now at the UV unwrapping and texturing part and it is difficult for me at this point as I have never used unwrapping before so I need to learn this, plus the tutorial is for an older version of Blender (2.78c) and I am using 2.82a. I will be reading Chapter 9 of Jason’s book then looking for some easy to understand videos on unwrapping. As always, input and comments are welcomed. Cheers everyone.