my scientist dude

Besides the absence of body, any C&C are needed

Great model! But I think he is too shiney (he kind of looks plastic), and his hair needs a bit of work, looks like he’s missing hair in spots, besides that great start! :smiley:

do you have any suggestions on what i can do for the hair? it looks far to wiry for my taste. and thanks for pointing out the shiy skin, i have no idea how i missed that o.O. also, is there a way to get my UV texture to go over the skin texture?

I don’t think you can put two textures on top of each other, but I dont know. Oh ya the hair, my sudgestion would be find a tutorial heres one I found haven’t really looked at it much but it might help you

Here’s another link.

Btw,i like your Doctor,i think his glasses are a bit thick but i like him.

ok, thanks for all the crits. When i get home i will fix it and submit the changes. Also, i’m not sure what to do for the body, i was thinking either some sort of mechanicle crab legs, or actually working hard to make him a scrawny body. What do you think of those ideas?

Yes, you can put two textures on top of each other. Just add a second texture to the object in the Texture buttons

ok. here it is after fixing a few things. I might still work on the hair a bit.
and i know you can do a texture over a texture, but can I get my texture to go under my UV map? I just did the UV and hit texface, so the face tatoo isn’t technicly a texture. I also altered the nose a bit, i made it more reasanable and nose shaped. (noses aren’t my strong point).

more updates. yay.