My scifi character!

Your thoughts?


Looks really good from what I can see. I’d like to see her in a brighter setting… maybe a full body shot.

Very well, bro! This is a great work!:yes:

The armor looks great. I agree with Safetyman. A full body shot in a more lighted setting would be better.

Yeah I agree with xeroshadow, a full body shot would be better.

Good job. Only thing bothering me are her shoulders, they are too maleish. Maybe it’s the armor, but in that pose, I believe her arms should be posed at a different angle, more facing the ground than just 90 degrees from her body. It just doesn’t look natural right now.
Hope you get what I mean, and hope it helps somehow.

There’s way too much chromatic aberration, it can be a realistic effect for some cases but for scifi it’s really not. Nobody will photograph a high-tech character with a cheap camera like that. The armor modeling is excellent though.

Great job!

I love how natural the cloak falls.

As for improvements (this is subjective so ignore it if you want). I would like more texture in the background. It looks great on a very dark background so keep it dark and subtle but have something going on back there. Even a subtle gradient or subtle movement in color or some very faint god rays would add a lot. Give the viewer something so they can invent a context.

The other thing that doesn’t work for me is the snow/debris/ash. I am not sure what it is supposed to be. Perhaps the background could provide some context. All the falling stuff is out of focus perhaps some of it should be in focus or move it behind her so it doesn’t distract so much from the glorious job you have done with her.

Love to see what the final render looks like.

Good modelling.

She remembers me Darth Maul…
I think it could be less dust in the scene.