My SciFi-Dark Age in future

made with Blender
color postprocess
please c&c :slight_smile:

I think its great … I somehow really like the color of your picture … its quite nice atmospehre. Also lighting is good … but what strikes me most is the shadow of the robot/alien? … it has very hard edges … i guess its because of raytracing? … there is quite long distance between the alien and the shadow so it probably should has soft enges … may be area light or one spot light would do the job :slight_smile:

But its great work anyway … keep it up men :smiley:

Wow, I like this picture a whole lot–Nice touch with the mist! The shadow seems okay to me; just maybe give the alien’s eyes some pupils? :slight_smile:


It looks like a very dramatic moment… could you give it a more dramatic camera angle?

Very nice, and I like ray shadows as long as they’re anti-aliased.