My Sculpt Book

So, I just started picking up sculpting in Sculptris again and decided to make a little sketchbook for my next sculpts as well.

This first one took me a little over an hour. I sculpted it from the start up sphere. I am not great and I wouldn’t even really consider myself okay at sculpting, but I am getting there. So all input is welcome. I am currently calling this particular sculpt finished even though it is not very “Clean”. I think while I progress in using sculptris my sculpts will become cleaner and sharper.

Lips and eyes always seem to give me a ton of trouble, if anyone has any pointers that would help me tremendously. Something about him seems feminine as well if there someone can help pinpoint what that is it’d be appreciated.

Rendered him out in blender to get a better front view and lighting for him for fun. I think I made his hairline recede too much… oh well.