My Sculpture

(H-C) #1

This is the beginning of my Sculpture im making its still in development but its going to be extremely detailed if you look at it you can just see the feet poking out and the Robe Stretching over them. its going to be a Women Holding a small baby its going to be for a Loneleness competition.
also im not going to concentrate on Textures that much im going to concentrate more on the modelling side of things, the colour will reflect it being made from clay, at the moment it will be that kind of colour, but i also might decide to finish it with a black ash shine colour.

(wewa_juicyb) #2

looks nice I like the lighting/glow (?) makes it look nice. As for the sculptur, I’m sure a lot of work went into it, but I think that it’s a little early to comment on it… all I can tell you is that it does indeed look like cloth (if you don’t look at the texture). I like it.