My "second"... a work in process for sure.

Hey everyone… still working on this but was interested in some initial feedback. Thanks!
Here’s a link to the same picture as well:


Nice sink, that looks very good, except maybe for the connection of the pipe to the wall. Perhaps add some more details… where is he going to dry his hands? Also, I can’t see if you have added any depth to the mirror, but from the render it looks flat. Add some depth and maybe some clips on the edge of the mirror to hold it up. The lights need a lot of work, and maybe model the light fixtures. just noticed where are the shadows? I take it that you know that your figure needs a lot of work. Good job, welcome here, too.

where is the toilet in the stall? from what i see, its non existant

the gap between the bottom of the bog cubicle and the flaw should be alot smaller

turn on ray shadow on your lights

Here’s where I am now. I removed my character because he does need a ton a work and I feel he was taking away from the project. I pretty much made all the suggested changes… I’m just struggling a bit with the lights now. Any thoughts here please?
Thanks again :eyebrowlift: