My Second Attempt at Archviz

Tried my hand at interiors after the last attempt at Exteriors. What do you think ? I’m learning more everyday. Do send me your critique.


Hi I like it,
lighting is very nice, but unwrap of the chair is very confusing, because of rotation it looks like plastic colored as wood, mainly on legs but on the back-rest it is very visible. I know you do not want that chair look like a copy but do not rotate texture just move it around so it looks more natural


Looks Good, I agree with @janmorek, the chair’s UV’s are confusing. I like to have my grain follow the direction of the longest axis, that is to say. on the legs I’d have it running up and down. on the beck rest I’d have it running left to right. Hope that helps.

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Jan , You legend. I’ve been following your work , admire it a lot. Thanks for the critique . I’ll make sure i change it in my future attempt. I’m moving to Archviz as a profession . Your advice helps much.
Thank you

Hey , Thank you . I’ll make sure to change stuff in the future attempts