My second attempt at blender

(Vigilante) #1

(Enos Shenk) #2


(S68) #3

Throw in some more polys :slight_smile:


(Vigilante) #4

yup enos the one and only, stupid name wouldnt fit so I cut the 212 off.

(ec2) #5

Here is a texture creating tutorial that might help you out once the model is finished. I tohught of this as soon as I saw your axe.
Weathered metal tutorial

(Vigilante) #6

Ill have to try that. thx

(Vigilante) #7

Hows this? I tried that tutorial on the aze, but got lost about halfway through it.

(S68) #8

If it is for a game, it is fine

If it is for a still rendering, it is low on details :slight_smile:


(Vigilante) #9

Its just for something to do :slight_smile:

(Al_Capone) #10

need to make the stick longer and have the point blade or make it longer

(Vigilante) #11

Eh im done with that, it was just to see how blender works. Im now working on a F1 if you wanna call it that. I would love to post pics, but none of the hosting sites I have found allow remote links.