My second car in blender... ;-)

Too many things to learn…;-)… but improving step by step…
Thanks to all of you for sharing your works and knowledge…

Best regards from Madrid , Spain…

Nice modeling and material!!! Good Work Man

Very good job. The car looks perfect.

Thank you very much for your support…!!!.. It helps to continue working hard… !!

I like a lot your MacLaren MP4-12C …looks REAAALLLY nice !!! :wink:

Hi SpaceC … thank you very much for your comment… hehe … there are a lot of faults… :wink: … I have to improve but your comments helps me to continue working…

I liked a lot Poland … I was there years ago … really nice country & people… and food !!! :wink:

Damn good work for a second car! Great job!

Thanks I will try to do muy best!!!

This is pretty awesome! :slight_smile:

Something I started doing when looking for camera angles and things for cars, is to screenshot some ideas from Top Gear. They do know how to show a car’s curves off. :wink:

Hi @jmcllinux, thanks for kind words. I learn Spanish and I wanna go there one day, wish me persistence.

Don’t stop working on your projects y buena suerte.

Hi SpaceC… wish you persistence ;-)… think of you already know an even more difficult language as Polish ;-)…