My second car

Hi !
So, this is my car :slight_smile:

(the untouched image is here :

C&C please :slight_smile:

Goodie…a riced out Bentley/hummer


Needs better shadows/lighting (too buffer lampish), scene modeling (needs more detail), texturing (the ground needs at least a bump, it’s too smooth and stretched), and the mist needs help.

Not too bad over all, the idea is a great one!

A toon-render, just for the fun :slight_smile:

Add some reflection to the rims for a chrome effect, make the car curvier and give the man a left hand.

For curviness, raise the part of the bonnet/hood nearest the driver and the same with the boot/trunk. Possible also scale the roof down lengthwise.

As for the character, just use the makehuman script.

As for the character, just use the makehuman script.

Good idea ! :slight_smile: Why I dont think that before %|

well the car needs some model fixes but for a second car this is an amazing work. just the proportion and some details are not correct.


Aww, man. It has the sleek new look of the eighties. They just don’t make cars like that anymore.