my second castle pic

this is what I made over this last half hour! enjoy


heh…i cant see a freakin thing. from what i can (barely) make out, there is a doorway. seriously, thats all i can make out. you need to work on your lighting setup a lot, and adjust your monitor settings, the scene is pitch black.

is there any source of light

There is a source of light but I can see it just fine on my screen. Okay fixed it a bit whick one looks better


they both look pretty much pitch black. i can make out the square structures on the castle wall, the door, and the side of the tower, but its all hard to make out.

okay chaned the lighting again


If you can’t see the first rendering then you need to turn your monitor brightness up…great castle orclord

Seriously, you should put your monitor settings back to sane values after playing those games where you want to see in the dark without having virtual torches… :smiley:
i do have pretty new TFT and it hasn’t even the greates black level so i definitely tend to see stuff brighter than CRT owners, but in the first one there’s not much to see except some orange spot an a faint blue corner…

Last one’s better, but the lighting is still somewhat boring…the round tower has a nice texture, but the rest looks rather flat.

Is this a joke?
It’s all just black in every pic…

for your lighting, you need to use a blue coloured sun (best with an area light), its night so add some stars to the background and maybe some clouds as well.

the doorway looks 2 dimensional to me, far too flat to look right. To add depth move the light source to with the doorway, and adjust the intencity down a bit. seems that the stairway may be on fire. This should then throw some light onto the walkway and give the area some depth.

Looks good though.

Is this a joke?
It’s all just black in every pic…

there should be a button on your monitor that has a “+” on it. Press it about 50 times. Wow you can see the castle now :slight_smile:

Dude, you need to visit here…

Actually here is better…

…and calibrate your monitor.

I can see his newest one fine, and my monitor is set to standard settings. Do you guys have tube monitors? I know those are darker. Anyway, image isn’t bad. Could use some lighting changes, and some more modelling on the wall, maybe a bevel, or a part that’s falling apart or something.

We all have “tube monitors” :smiley: , but if it were calibrated, the image should look “normal” regardless. Try printing the image. It’ll suck up your black ink. Since printers don’t know what monitor you have, they are non-bias, although you can calibrate your printer to work with your monitor.

thanks spin, I know about calibration and all, but the brightness and contrast settings always kill me. It always says ‘adjust until barely visible.’ I dont know what they mean by ‘barely’. Plus, it seems like I always need to mess around with the brightness and contrast for games.

its still pretty dark. can you make a daytime version so we can see?

-XrQLz :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice bump maping i guess thats what i c lol

well it was kind of made to be a night time scene.