My second completed render:: Cups

Here is my second reder that I have done with blender

The cups didn’t take much time but I goofed with the material a bit longer =).[/img]

try adding a refraction to the glass

It also looks like you have the transparent set so that the gray color shows too much. Try setting fresnel and fac lower.


toonist, that’s really quite respectable for your second image.

Follow the advice already given by Grimreaper and digital_me and you should have a more convincing image.
Blend on.


Thanks for your good advices. I tested some of them and it the cups started to look a bit beter =).

(I visited your site Shamir and you have some impressive photos there (on your portfolio). Good work!!!)

Sorry, one correction, you actually need to set fresnel and fac HIGHER.

d_m :expressionless:

Same as above… also I think that the stems of the glasses are a bit too thin. Maybe you wanted it like that?

Very good for a second render (‘image’).

Oooo, come on, this is much much better than any clear glass. Even if it was photorealistic it would be just another photorealisticglassesonatable picture of which there are millions. But this one has it’s own style, I rather see these than a photo.
The only thing I don’t like are those sharp shadows, they distract my eyes.

Thanks Erufailon!!! I like the original picture more also.

Actually it makes the glass looked smoked and frosted. And it looks better then what normal clear glass would show up as.