My second head in progress **update

Helo, This is my second model that looks like something :slight_smile: I dont know how to make the hair good tho… I read about that new particle controlling someone was developing but I dont know when that’s gonna be released.

Anyways what do you think? :slight_smile:

I have some questions too, I would like to learn how to use UV mapping whatever it is, so do you know of any good tutorials? preferably video tutorials. And are there any workflow videos I learn best by watching something be done…

Feel free to recommend me any good tutorial that you like too :slight_smile: **wants to become a modelling pro :cool:

UPDATE on 4th post


looking good, u can look at wizard’s jona of arc thread i saw some stuff about hair there.

Looks pretty good to me. But you just KNOW someone’s going to ask for the wiregraph any moment now.

(Not me, since I don’t know enough about SS topology or faces yet to help, :D)

Yay, I been blending my head some more and decided to make a body too :slight_smile: so here’s what I’ve accomplished this weekend. I’m not sure if I should model the whole body tho(I’m lazy, since she wont be nude :stuck_out_tongue: any sugestions on that point? This is only my second model tho so it might be good for practice. And do you know when that new particle controlling tool will be released? It took me at least 4 hours of experimenting to make it look like now :S and im not happy with it.


Yay, she has arms :slight_smile: lost the hair tho :frowning:


wait you didn’t mention it was gonna a female:confused:.
the face looks like a male.

yeah I know its a lil maleish looking, even tho I have used a female reference

I’ve given her hands and pants now and I’ve also deformed the face a litle bit.

but how can I make the clothes look less tight?


More wrinkles, that’s what the clothing needs. Look at the shirt you’re wearing. Anyway, most of the modeling looks pretty good there. Maybe I’m just tired, but there’s no a lot I can comment on.

Also, I know it’s all the rage in the hormonal CG artist society, but for once could someone not attach massive, flab-filled silicon breasts to a female character?

Yup, that’s what I mean with less tight :slight_smile: I’m having trouble getting it good looking tho :frowning: are there any good “how to’s” on making clothes?

I’m going to school tonite and Im there untill next friday so I have to continue then…

So here’s another update, more detail to the clothes(this was painful to get working) and a pair of shoes I want strings on the shoes but I have no idea how to model that, any tips? And how can I get the skin to look more realistic? I have never used the uv maping tools before so I have no idea what to do.

now I will try to model ears, I haven’t done that before either my first head had long hair so I didn’t bother modeling them but now I want to learn :slight_smile:


One of her breasts is actually almost as big as her entire head. Dude, calm it down.