My second render, just learning Blender

Hello there, this is my second first render. i will welcome any feedback or critiscm.


Hey Emi, not bad for your second first render, my second first render looked a lot worse! I like the atmospheric look. I have a few tips for you:

  • The focus is on the ship, so it should take up more screenspace. when i look at the picture i want to know more about the ship but its too tiny
  • The composition needs some help. Make use of the rule of thrids or golden rule. By that i mean for example position the ship on the top third of the image and the horizon line at the bottom third. google compostions guides if you need some more info (this tutorial covers all)
  • Give the Sky a little gradient. Right now its a big uniform surface. a little transition brings more colors into you image. And speaking of colours… Have you tried making the highlights on the ship blue instead of yellow? it help to draw the attention there since it would contrast the overall yellowish tones.
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