My second render.

This is only my second render so it isn’t perfect but I’m happy with it. Hope you like it.

Close-up with brighter lighting:

I don’t believe you. Because this is awesome!

haha thanks. It took me a little while to make. expecially the characters since they are the first ones i’ve made.

Very nice work. Could use some color correction. But that is a matter of taste.
I love it.


Thanks :). and thanks for the tip

Nice one. looks cool

Thank you :slight_smile:

wait, only your second render?!? it’s awesome! i love the expressions!

nice avatar too :smiley: seen Silver in Mario and sonic at the Olympic Winter Games…I think he was a Speed-type character

You should turn the cigarette to the left. That way the smoke coming out of it won’t look like screwed-up specular shading.

Your second RENDER or finished project?

Yes it’s my second render, still learning a lot. I like your avatar better since it’s more to do with blender and it looks awesome :smiley:

Well I guess it would be better called second finished project. But before this I didn’t make much. I think I made that gingerbread cookie that everyone learns to make. And before that I was messing with the game engine.