MY second site that will have to hold out....

(SideXffects) #1

I made another site that is going to hold out for me until i make my real site it’s The add free forum will not work because Freeservers doesn’t support .CGI. In the meantime you’ll have to go to this forum thank you

(SideXffects) #2

They took is off because I violated something. maybe geocities

(ectizen) #3

Really? I’m not having any trouble finding

Hehe :slight_smile:

(NateTG) #4

go away already. :x

(rogerm3d) #5

Yea good luck i guess. But your not gonna get respect around here till
you got something to show aside from the attitude.
Want to see somthing really real and cool.

(ZoltarX) #6

Great Stuff. I was just wondering this morning when your head would pop up again!

Great web site. You ditched the fancy space graphics though. :frowning:

Hows your mum? Still mad at you?

<tongue firmly planted in cheek>