my self benjamin landa i am newbie to this forum

Hello Everyone

I am Benjamin Landa from Long Island New York .i am just starting to learn how to make 3D Animations like traditional paintings and custom designs i like to do all this animation activities It would be great to get some constructive criticism on my stuff from you guys. Hope this forum will help me and guide me.thanks if you agve me better guidelines.

Hi Ben! You’ve come to the right place, 3d animations are a big part of Blender. There are plenty of people here that will critique your work and help you get better.

I love you Ben, and I will always love you, for you are the chosen one, you are the 1000th post on this forum since I joined! That’s why I’m going to give you $10,000. All you have to do is post back here on this thread acknowledging my gift to you in a well written, coherent way.


Welcome Benjamin and congratulations for being the chosen the forum has waited for since inception. It is you who the prophecy fortold, the one the elders frequently referred, and the uniter of the seven kingdoms who stay in a state of disarray. For you will bring the coders of the next generation of blender a common goal, the light where there is darkness.