My Setup - WIP


I know I already have another WIP thread on here and I know it’s not a great idea to start more than one project at once… but unfortunately because of my work schedule the other project is difficult to work on at the moment, so I am going to do this which has been something I have meant to do for a while.

I am making a little video walkthrough of my workspace (just 'cause) and want to have some visualization of my machines as I walk through their specs.

I have just been modeling my tower right now, but I will have more assets as I go.

Here is where I have gone so far:

All of the material are very basic, just for quick tests at the moment.

Some more progress - details from the front and back.

Here is some more progress, I stupidly kept modeling without referencing the case that was right in front of me, although it is the machine I am working on, so it makes it hard to refer to. I thought I could cheat the perforated mesh for the CPU fan and make them two elements… but it ends up it is a solid piece and didn’t look like I modelled it - so I had to redo it and make sure that it was one and the same mesh.

I also started to add in the rivets and screws and some other little details. I have to add some more still and a few more of the aluminum bends and folds in the case and then I should be done modeling the back of it.

Yeah, I was wondering how you were modelling it with everything unplugged so you could see it…
Looks really good so far.

Ha, yea, I guess it was a bit silly to try to do it from memory… I was also getting some images of the back with my cellphone. Thanks!

I think I have modelled all of the physical deformations and shapes now on the back, I will probably add some dimples in some places with a bump when I do some texturing and materials later.

Next I think I am going to look at the top and front of the case, its surface is mostly those hexagonal perforations like in the fan vents in the back. I think I will attempt to model the extruded pattern as a flat surface and then see what I can do with the shrink wrap modifier… I think I should be able to get it to conform to the shape that I want (what is currently modelled there). anyone else have any genius ideas?

It looks rather nice.

Genius ideas? You had to ask, right?

Now make it so the side panel slides off so we can see the motherboard, CPUs, RAM, cooling, cables or wires and wire looms, and all your add-on card goodness. Also needs some blinkenlights, since what modern computer doesn’t have any? :slight_smile:

Thanks man.

I plan on doing some interior elements so that the mesh is not transparent all the way through the case… but I am not sure how much detail I will be able to go into. I haven’t been very efficient with the modeling and with the meshes being actual geometry, I am up to several million verts. We will see…

As for the LEDs, there are a bunch inside, so it will be illuminated from the interior when I get a chance to.

Here is the case with all of the meshes and almost all the modeling complete (click then right click “view image” or “open image in a new tab” to see all the details).

Next I have to finish the top panel of the case (right now it is just mirrored and is duplicating the ports - our left of the top panel should have buttons instead of the ports again) and add some final screws and rivets to the side of the panel.

After that I will figure out what internal components I will model (it might just be a few fans and a couple of boxes as proxies of components).

Then I will finally do some texturing and get more proper colours in there.

I just rendered out a quick low res turntable just to see how it looks… I hate how videos compress, change it to 480p for some minor improvements.

Love the geometry, great stuff! :smiley:


Here is a quick flyby I rendered at a low frame rate to see how it looks all around from a bunch of random angles. I have modeled the proper buttons on the top left side and more internal structures. Play at 1080p for all the deets.

I still need to model the legs for the case, then I will rough in some internal shapes and fans so the case doesn’t look so empty.

Here is a photo of my setup, you can see the top of the case in the lower left. I plan to model the rest (tabletPC, cintiq, and monitors) after… hopefully. They should be a lot simpler to model.