My SF movie project

Ok I am making a short animation involving some aliens. Here is the beginning.

I need to fix a few things and add sound
Crits VERY welcome.

A.) Watch your spelling
B.) Some of the opening paragraph and the subtitles were hard to read because they went so fast.
Otherwise, the ship design was interesting, it looked to me like it morphed, that was cool.

Yeah, I know about the spelling and timing problems. The subtitles are only therer until I can get enough done to start work on sound (eventually I will get people to be voice-actors for it). Unfortunately I used one text object for all the subtitles and there is no good way to select in the middle of it.

Yeah, the ship morphs.
I will have another version up soon. I a rendering it again as I type this.

Ok here is an update.

All I changed was the timing
Crits welcome!

the story seems pretty interesting. It’d be nice to see some type of scanners or devices on the ship to show how it interacts with the world.
plus, flashing lights would be interesting… good start

would you mind posting a .avi .mpg or .mov or something please… I can’t watch youtube… I love sci-fi so keep it up lol=D

Here is the same thing in .avi format

I will try to add some lights, antennas, satilite dishes, etc. to the ship, though I am not sure how well I can make them as the ship uses keyshapes. Also, how do you kiip lights from showing through objects?

I will try to add some lights, antennas, satilite dishes, etc. to the ship, though I am not sure how well I can make them as the ship uses keyshapes.

Have them as separate objects and parent them to the ship (ctrl-p).

ok, any help on lights shining through stuff, lighting from the back side, etc.?
These all really annoy me, and I can’t find a good way to prevent them.

cool, I like the camera movments and stars…the ship could use a little work imo, but keep it up=D

Ok, I changed the ship effect and I added a satellite dish some headlights, and some random stuff. More is to come. I also am going to make the ship more transparent. I may also play with the camera movement a little.

and in avi format. ( zipped to save on upload time)

lol I can’t unzip .rars…D= lol

Can you open .zip?

wow dude, you made the mutation a HUNDRED times better!
it’d be easier if you’d post the anim without the text first, cause loading is slow on my comp. Plus, that’s fine anyways, then we can critique the real hard work that’s going on

Nice! Need to do some work on the ship though - a few details and some different textures wouldn’t go amis. I like the shielding device too :slight_smile:

Ok here is an update.

Downloadable AVI

now for a few questions.
*How do you make a spinning light? (like on top of a police car)
*How do you get that thing with the rings coming from the light source? (camera looking into light)
*Any ideas for what to put on the ship?

1)parent a spotlight to the ship and use an forums for ipo if you neeed to
2) in the materials settings, under pipeline click “halo” then new options show up under shaders. Try flare and rings
3) make a giant transparent window in the front.
4) sometimes i talk just to hear my voice

Ok, I parented a spotlight to a cylinder then I made the cylinder spin. The spotlight spun in circles instead of around the cylinder. Please help!

Edit: ok I fixed it, it was a stupid mistake

Ok, here is an update.


I added a transparent piece in the front and a flashing light.

unless anyone has any suggestions I am going to move on to the 2nd scene